Cyber Hunter Weapons Guide – List of Weapons And Damages To Be Known

Cyber Hunter is a next-generation battle royale game that has gained popularity in a short time, all due to its amazing features and game elements. The new types of parkour included movements, various special skills, natural explorations, and creation of vivid characters are some of the elements that grab the attention of players from around the world to try their gaming skills on this gameplay.


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When it comes to weapons, one of the most important parts of survival and shooter games, Cyber Hunter is no behind in providing a variety of weapons to its players to make their game stronger. Let’s have a look at some of the weapons used in Cyber Hunter and their damage values.

Liberty Alpha

It is an Auto Rifle Gun which is highly balanced and has low recoil. This gun can be used to fight your opponents and when armed with an e-core, it works great in increasing the damage to vehicles and significant materials.

Drake Buster

It is another Auto Rifle Gun that gives low recoil with high performance. If you are a new player and want to try a gun that increases your performance, you can use drake buster. It also gives a stable trajectory, very helpful for players. When it is armed with e-core, it reduces the recoil and time of reloading.


It is a Rare Rifle Gun that can be used in types of combats in the game as it has no defeats. When armed with an e-core, it works great in reducing the firing noise.


It is a Semi Auto Gun which has an unstable trajectory but ensures to give very high damage. Due to its unstable trajectory, it is better to use Tiburon with some firearms. When it is armed with e-core, it unlocks the ‘overcharged assault’ skill and damage is increases for some time.


It is a great healing shotgun which helps you to restore your HP (Health Power). Though it does not give any damage to enemies, use it with firearms. When armed with e-core, it unlocks ‘Shield All’ skill and is wonderful in creating a temporary HP shield for nearby teammates.


It is an Arc shotgun that does not require aiming to the target as it aims your target automatically. It gives very low damage and a medium recoil. For a new player, it is a good weapon to try once. When it is armed with e-core, it provides Ball Lightning skill that releases the highly great ball of electricity.

Killer Whale

It is another Semi Auto Gun which has a very fast firing rate, gives high stability and not very high damage to the enemies. When this gun is armed with e-core, it becomes capable of releasing shrapnel, thus increases the damage.


It is an Auto SMG gun having a rapid rate of firing, but it is not capable of using any scope with Omega. When armed with e-core, it increases damage and stability.


It is another Auto SMG gun which is known for its wonderful stability and high performance. The new players must try this gun. When Foxtrot is armed with e-core, it increases the damage to vehicles and significant materials.

These are some of the weapons in Cyber Hunter which new players must try to make better gameplay.