Best Alternatives To Cyber Hunter Gameplay

Do you feel like trying some other game than Cyber Hunter? It can be due to either you get bored of playing the same game for a long time, or you want to try your skills on another battle royale game or Cyber Hunter is not working properly on your devices, such as Android, iOS devices or PC/Mac.

There could be any reason for looking for the best alternative to Cyber Hunter. No doubt, you can find numerous battle royale games similar to Cyber Hunter, but to gain the similar or better gaming experience, we have gathered these alternatives for you, which you must try at least once.


Alternatives of Cyber Hunter


This PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds is designed to give the best ever battle royale gaming experience to the players who are fond of survival and shooter games. This free-to-play multiplayer action game is all about making your survival possible on an isolated island, where total of 100 players jump into the battleground and all of them fight for their survival.


The game has various modes, where at each step you build and destroy by gathering resources, collecting gear and battling your opponents with your powerful tactics. Be the last man standing and win the game.


Fortnite is also another game that can be your best alternative to Cyber Hunter. Like other battle royale games, you can become the last one standing on the battlefield by squad up with your friends. It is all about how you apply your strategies to take out the other players and overcome each challenge comes in your way to be the last player.


It requires your imagination to build your fort, so simply jump into the battle and make a team fight against your enemies like a pro.

Garena Fire Free

It is one of the ultimate survival games where you will fight for your survival on a remote island and the last man standing on the battleground wins the game. Here, you have to fight against 49 other players, a total of 50 players, and all seeking survival. As you level up in the game, the map gets shrink and it becomes a little hard to battle for staying till the end.


The realistic graphics and interactive interface makes it easier to play Garena Fire Free even on low-end devices without any hassle. You can choose to play as a solo, duo or with the team, packed with features that make this game more exciting and interesting.

Gears 5

From one of the best and amazing battle royale games, Gear 5 is a shooter game having 5 thrilling modes where you can play as a solo or squad up, whatever you want as per your gameplay. In Gears’ Tours of Duty campaign, you can level up by new recruiting. So take up new challenges, earn rewards and make your battle stronger.


This gameplay supports different playstyles, so choose the one that will help you to overcome all challenges and take out the opponents from the battlefield.

As more and more people are showing their interest in the gaming world, so trying these games similar to Cyber Hunter can give you ultimate gaming experience than ever before.